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Kate Guts Psychotherapy: I am a private practice psychotherapist located in the Madison Park neighborhood in Seattle, WA.

My Approach

Therapy is a collaborative and creative process in which we work together to foster personal growth. In our sessions you will be given the space to openly discuss your life, you will be encouraged to creatively explore your troubles without judgment or criticism, and I will provide feedback, observations, and reflections to you. Sessions will be focused on self-development, with the ongoing goal of creating life meaning, developing fulfilling relationships, enhancing sexual intimacy, creating more effective patterns of behavior, and deepening emotional expression. 

My approach is depth-oriented, I use a blend of humanistic, psychoanalytic, existential, and cognitive therapies, while being open to each client's individual preferences and therapeutic needs. In therapy I will focus on your unique biological, environmental, and developmental process while also appreciating the larger systematic, cultural, and social influences that have shaped you. We will explore the ways in which you make meaning of the world around you. We will examine how your current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are shaped by your unique history and family system, your relationships, and personal adversity. My goal is to help you be in conversation with your suffering and become more aware of how wounds from your past are contributing to behavioral patterns that may be stalling your emotional and relational development. We will work together to create self-acceptance while consciously engaging with these patterns to obtain a fuller and more meaningful life. 

Like all human relationships there is a risk involved in therapy, exploring your life in a deep and meaningful way requires vulnerability and can be tremendously painful. Over time we will develop a relationship that is rooted in authenticity, honest expression of emotions, and self-discovery. Therapy is an opportunity to explore the depths of yourself with the possibility of self-growth and awareness. You have already started on your journey and I am looking forward to working with you.

In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth, or to step back into safety
— Abraham Maslow

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